Announcements and Updates

8/1/2022: NexTrex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge 

Freedom Barks, Inc. is excited to announce we are participating in the NexTrex Community Plastic Film Recycling Challenge! Our goal is to collect at least 500 lbs. of non-traditionally recycled plastic film. If we meet our goal by February 1st, 2023, then we will receive a free park bench from Trex!

As of November 15, we only have 27.5 pounds to go! 

Please continue to collect your plastic film, especially throughout the holiday shopping season! Once we have reached our first 500 pound goal, we will continue to collect another 500 pounds of plastic film to receive a second free park bench from Trex!

EXAMPLES OF WHAT CAN BE RECYCLED (for a full list please see the attached flyer): bread bags, bubble wrap, dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, ice bags, plastic shipping envelopes, Ziploc bags, cereal bags, plastic wrap, produce bags, etc. *please note all plastic must be clean, dry, and free of food residue*


-Lower Forge Brewery (14 South Main St, Medford)

-Freedom Barks Dog Park Events

-Main Street Markets (closed for 2022)

Please share this with your family and friends- every single piece of plastic collected will help us reach our goal!

6/6/2022: Information about

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

ATTENTION: We received a message this afternoon from a park goer who was asking about harmful algal blooms and the safety of Freedom Barks Dog Park's waterways. We shared the following information with them and wanted to share it with the rest of our followers as well:


Below is a screenshot of a Facebook post we made in August of 2020, after the NJDEP reviewed photos we submitted of the water that sits under two of the park's bridges. They were able to confirm there were no harmful algal blooms present and that the conditions of those areas are natural for streams located in the Pine Barrens.









We will continue to monitor the waterways throughout Freedom Barks Dog Park for any alarming changes; please remember to do the same wherever your dog has access to water!

For more information please review the poster that is included with this post and visit the following links: 


5/18/22: Medford is featured in USA Today's 2022 Issue of Go Escape Northeast! Freedom Barks Dog Park is mentioned along with other local attractions. 

5/11/2022: ATTENTION! PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM MEDFORD TOWNSHIP: Visitors at the Freedom Barks Dog Park have made the Township aware of offensive stickers have been placed in and around the dedicated dog park areas. This is considered vandalism of public property and is being investigated by the Medford Police.
If anyone has any information regarding this vandalism, please contact the Medford Police Department at the 
non-emergency number of 609-267-8300
or the confidential tip line at 609-714-0302.

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Thank you to Lauren Lamantia for highlighting Troop 49's service project in an article written for The Medford Sun. 

Thank you to Scout BSA Troop 49 from Marlton for all of the hard work they put into refurbishing this piece of agility equipment in Blue Squirrel Field. It looks amazing and we appreciate their help to improve our park!

This is a favorite among our park pups and we look forward to seeing them enjoy it. Be sure to check it out next time you're at the park!

Thank you to Medford Township's Neighborhood Services for taking time out of their busy schedule to create gravel paths on Roxy and Shiloh Trail; and for touching up the gravel that was spread during our clean-up! We are thankful for their hard work and support in keeping our park grounds well-maintained. 

11/15/21: Our store is now closed. Thank you to everyone who ordered our winter apparel! We can't wait to see it being worn around the park! 
We are planning to open our store again in January- if you don't want to miss out on the next round of orders, please be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or send us an email to join our contact list!  

10/29/21: Our new winter apparel is available until midnight on November 14th- to visit our store please click HERE

  • Freedom Barks, Inc. is excited to announce that our new apparel store has been launched with Sports Paradise, a local business that is right around the corner from Freedom Park!

  • For the second year in a row, the featured print on our apparel has been created by Faith Branstetter, who is not only a talented local artist- but also a Freedom Barks goer! In September, we asked our Facebook and Instagram followers to vote for their favorite dog breeds and Faith designed this amazing print based on those votes!​​

If you have any questions regarding your order, please send us an email at

10/25/21: The shade cover in Bone Field is complete!

The supplies were purchased with donations from our GoFundMe for new benches. A huge thank you again to everyone who contributed toward our fundraising goal!

We would also like to thank Peter Lumber Company for giving us a discount on the lumber and free delivery to Freedom Barks!

One final thank you goes to our volunteers, Jim and Brian from Repair & Replace, LLC for dedicating their time to building this shade cover.

We hope it provides our visitors with a lovely spot to sit and enjoy a trip to the park!

7/21/21: Thank you to everyone who has ordered merchandise through our Bonfire store! Since opening our store in November we have had 65 supporters and raised a total of $1,305! We are so grateful for your support and always enjoy seeing our apparel being worn out at the park!
We also want to thank local artist and Freedom Barks Dog Park patron, Faith Branstetter, for creating the 'welcome sign' design that is featured on our apparel, coffee mug, and tote bag. Please check out Faith's website to see more of her artwork, including her custom pet portraits

6/14/21- Thank you to Erika Shych from News 12 New Jersey for covering the recent increase in upper respiratory infections.
Click HERE to check it out! 
Freedom Barks Dog Park is mentioned and Dr. Massaro from Medford's Village Veterinary Hospital gives some helpful insight into the cases they have been treating! 

2020 Year in Review

 Be sure to check out our Year in Review to see what

Freedom Barks, Inc. 

accomplished in 2020!

With many thanks to our field sponsors, dedicated park patrons, and volunteers! In addition to Miller Subaru, the Dogs Save Lives Fund, Faith BranstetterPeter Lumber Company and Medford Township. We are grateful for your support and look forward to making 2021 our most successful year yet! 

Extra! Extra! Bark All About It!

8/29: Freedom Barks, Inc. has launched a GoFundMe Charity campaign to raise funds for 3 new park benches and the supplies to build a shade cover. We hope that these new additions to Freedom Barks Dog Park will provide extra space for our patrons to comfortably enjoy their time at the park- just as much as their dogs do!  


  • As of 9/20 we have reached 117% of our goal!

  • A huge thank you goes out to everyone contributed to our campaign- we are overwhelmed by your generosity and support!

  • We hope your visits to Freedom Barks Dog Park will be made even more special knowing you donated toward its improvement. 

  • The benches were built during our Fall PUP Day and will be installed in their proper locations shortly! The shade cover plans are in the process of being approved by Medford Township. Stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you for your support!!!

-Your Friends at Freedom Barks, Inc.

Information on Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) 

Update as of 8/21: Good news! The NJDEP has reviewed pictures of the stagnant water by the bridges on Roxy and Shiloh trail and have confirmed that there are NO harmful algal blooms present. You can see the results posted here: 8/19/2020 Trib To S. Branch of Rancocas Creek

We learned the conditions we are seeing occur naturally in the Pine Barrens where the soil is rich in iron. Fun fact: Historically, bog iron has been used to produce weapons, kettles, pots, and other iron tools. In the Revolutionary War, bog iron from the Pinelands was used to make cannonballs!  


With harmful algal blooms becoming more prevalent in the warmer months, we will continue to keep an eye on our waterways at Freedom Barks Dog Park; please remember to do the same wherever your dog has access to water!


2019 was a successful year for Freedom Barks, Inc. because of the generosity of our field sponsors: Village Veterinary Hospital, Scafidi, Cranston & Associates, and Champs Dog House; and support from Ott's Tavern and P.J. Whelihan's Pub. We held two PUP Days where we were able to maintain the beauty of the dog park by painting the agility equipment and bridges, filling holes, and planting spring bulbs. In addition to the support of our sponsors; donations from our dedicated park patrons and assistance from a local Boy Scout troop allowed Freedom Barks, Inc. to continue to afford dog waste removal in the dog park, refurbish our field signs, and post color coded trail markers with coordinating park maps. We thank you all for your ongoing support and look forward to a great 2020.