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Announcements and Updates

TREX BENCH UPDATE ON 5/1/24: Over the last 5 months we have turned in 681 pounds of plastic film. This means we are
319 pounds away from earning our third free TREX bench.
Thank you to all who have participated so far!

Still unsure if an item will be accepted? TREX recommends trying this test: See if the package will stretch when you pull it. If yes, it can be included. If it tears like paper, then please don’t turn it in. 

Download & Print your own flyer! 


-Lower Forge Brewery (14 South Main St, Medford)

-Medford's Senior Center: Cranberry Hall (88 Charles Street, Medford)

-Freedom Barks Dog Park Events

Please share this with your family and friends- every single piece of plastic collected will help us reach our goal!

To date between Medford Towship's Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee and Freedom Barks, over 3,500 pounds of traditionally non-recyclable plastic film has been recycled into TREX benches!

Thank you to everyone who ordered our Spring apparel.
$122 was raised for the maintenance of Freedom Barks Dog Park.
The volunteers of Freedom Barks, Inc. have been busy this Spring. In addition to crossing items off of our clean-up day to-do list, the small A-frame was rebuilt, and the trail signs were repainted. 

Winter Apparel- Freedom Barks Dog Park

Thank you to everyone who ordered our winter apparel!
$110 was raised for the maintenance of Freedom Barks Dog Park. 


Freedom Barks, Inc. is grateful for the tremendous amount of support we have received from our surrounding community in 2023. Please see the attached PDF for our Year in Review where we highlight and thank those who have worked with and contributed toward Freedom Barks, Inc.

We are looking forward to another wonderful year where we will continue to

maintain and improve Freedom Barks Dog Park.


Thank you everyone for your support!

We wish you and your pups a safe and happy 2024!

-Your Friends at Freedom Barks, Inc.

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