Announcements and Updates

Extra! Extra! Bark All About It!

8/29: Freedom Barks, Inc. has launched a GoFundMe Charity campaign to raise funds for 3 new park benches and the supplies to build a shade cover. We hope that these new additions to Freedom Barks Dog Park will provide extra space for our patrons to comfortably enjoy their time at the park- just as much as their dogs do!  


  • As of 9/20 we have reached 117% of our goal!

  • A huge thank you goes out to everyone contributed to our campaign- we are overwhelmed by your generosity and support!

  • We hope your visits to Freedom Barks Dog Park will be made even more special knowing you donated toward its improvement. 

  • The benches were built during our Fall PUP Day and will be installed in their proper locations shortly! The shade cover plans are in the process of being approved by Medford Township. Stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you for your support!!!

-Your Friends at Freedom Barks, Inc.

Information of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) 

Update as of 8/21: Good news! The NJDEP has reviewed pictures of the stagnant water by the bridges on Roxy and Shiloh trail and have confirmed that there are NO harmful algal blooms present. You can see the results posted here: 8/19/2020 Trib To S. Branch of Rancocas Creek

We learned the conditions we are seeing occur naturally in the Pine Barrens where the soil is rich in iron. Fun fact: Historically, bog iron has been used to produce weapons, kettles, pots, and other iron tools. In the Revolutionary War, bog iron from the Pinelands was used to make cannonballs!  


With harmful algal blooms becoming more prevalent in the warmer months, we will continue to keep an eye on our waterways at Freedom Barks Dog Park; please remember to do the same wherever your dog has access to water!


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