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Please be advised that due to the ongoing health and safety concerns, Freedom Barks, Inc. is cancelling all of our events planned for the spring. As a result we will be rescheduling our PUP Day Park Clean-Up when it's safe to do so. In addition, construction of the fenced-in areas in Blue Squirrel Field and installation of new agility equipment have been postponed due to restrictions on non-essential construction projects. However, those are two enhancements to Freedom Barks Dog Park to look forward to in the future. 

We were truly looking forward to holding our first annual National Dog Park Day event to celebrate Medford Township's installation of 2 new fenced in areas for smaller dogs. While unfortunately we are unable to host a proper celebration at the park, in honor of National Dog Park Day, we instead invite you celebrate with us by sharing your favorite pictures of your dog(s) exploring Freedom Barks! These pics will be used to create a photo gallery on  freedombarks.com. To have your pictures included, please email them to  freedombarksdogpark@gmail.com. Also, please note that by submitting pictures, you are giving Freedom Barks, Inc. the right to post the pictures on our website and social media accounts as part of this photo gallery.   

With the weather starting to finally warm up, we can't wait for the days where social distancing is behind us and we can safely visit the park while enjoying each other's company as our dogs play. Until then, we hope that everyone is staying as safe as possible! If you do visit Freedom Barks during this time please remember to follow social distancing guidelines by leashing your dog(s) in order to maintain a 6 ft distance. In addition, if you haven't already, please contact us to join our email list to stay informed on any further park updates; as well as announcements on future events, committee meetings and volunteer opportunities that will be scheduled when it's safe to return to normal daily life. 

Lastly, we can't celebrate National Dog Park Day without highlighting our sponsors Village Vet, Champs Dog House and Scafidi, Cranston & Associates! Their generosity and support allow the Freedom Barks Dog Park Committee to maintain park grounds and facilitate the servicing of dog waste receptacles. 

Thank you again to our sponsors and park patrons for all of your support! 

-Freedom Barks Dog Park Committee 

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