Freedom Barks Dog Park

Medford, NJ

Prior to visiting, please click here to read Medford Township’s General Guidelines and Rules on the use of Freedom Barks Dog Park (including the fenced-in dog runs).

The volunteers of Freedom Barks, Inc.

take great pride in maintaining a vibrant atmosphere

for our community to enjoy at Freedom Barks Dog Park.

If you are interested in joining our committee or if you would like to be added to our contact list, please reach out to us at freedombarksdogpark@gmail.com 

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Download and print a copy of this pamphlet that was created by the volunteers of Freedom Barks, Inc. with the goal of promoting proper dog park etiquette and responsible dog ownership. 

-Our pamphlet will be expanded to include additional information from Medford Township, regarding the park rules. 
-Freedom Barks, Inc. will install mini-bulletin boards at the entrances, beneath the park maps. Copies of our pamphlet will be available there, in addition to our main bulletin board, and at our events. 

For a more detailed map of Freedom Barks Dog Park please see our About page.