Freedom Barks Dog Park

Medford, NJ

The volunteers of Freedom Barks, Inc.

take great pride in maintaining a vibrant atmosphere

for our community to enjoy at Freedom Barks Dog Park.

If you are interested in joining our committee or if you would like to be added to our contact list, please reach out to us at freedombarksdogpark@gmail.com 

To stay up to date on Freedom Barks news and events, be sure to follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram!

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UPDATE 10/13 TRAIL CLOSED: From Thursday-Friday, volunteers from the Pinelands Preservation Alliance will be clearing blockages/debris from the creek along Lucy Trail. Cones and caution tape will mark the closed off trail.

For the safety of the volunteers, our park patrons and pups, please avoid the closed area while the cones and caution tape are still up.

We will post an update when the trail is open again, after their work is done!

  • It's time for another PUP Day park clean-up! We have a lot of items on our to do list like picking up litter, trimming along the trails, and filling in holes.

  • If you enjoy spending time at Freedom Barks Dog Park, please come out to join us as we work to maintain the park's beauty! 

  • We have a rain date set for October 23rd and will keep everyone updated on any changes through Facebook, Instagram, and on our website. 

If you have any further questions, please send us an email at freedombarksdogpark@gmail.com

  • ​We will also have a table set up where you can stop by to talk to our volunteers and purchase merchandise that supports the maintenance and enhancement of Freedom Barks Dog Park.

  • Our stock of clothing is currently very low, but we are happy to announce that our new hats have arrived and will be available for purchase on PUP Day! We will also have doggie bandanas and some sweet treats from Bella Shaye Sweets too!

  • We had a wonderful turn out during our last PUP Day and we look forward to bringing our community together again to improve the park- we hope to see you there!

For a more detailed map of Freedom Barks Dog Park please see our About page.